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Brief discussion on the development trend of international logistics modernization

Publisher:Grand Ocean LogisticsRelease time:2022.11.08

With the progress, update and development of The Times, logistics and transportation have also experienced great changes, the new era, new information, new technology, new market, new customer expectations, new mode of logistics and transportation has changed.

In the current logistics and transportation market, the application of modern technology has made more obvious progress and improvement, improve the efficiency of international logistics and service quality, save resources, protect the environment, enterprises increase the internal cost investment, but benefit from the logistics service object and all members of society.

Modern international logistics companies have realized that the international logistics industry is an industry with weak independent status, which cannot create value independently, but relies on other industries to create added value. Logistics service providers and recipients have become a community of interests from competition to cooperation, so that logistics service providers need to fully consider the needs and interests of the service objects.

In addition, modern international logistics companies always pursue the optimization of the overall benefits of the system, which is not only limited to the internal system composed of various functions, but also involves the whole supply chain system of international logistics connection and its social and natural environment system. With the promotion of the concept of global green logistics, the development mode of traditional logistics with high consumption and high pollution will be restricted or pay high costs. Quality service rather than low-price logistics enterprises will gain a more favorable competitive position and more reasonable market returns, international logistics external costs and external benefits will gradually internalize.

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