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The vast logistics for you to introduce the responsibilities of freight forwarders!

Publisher:Grand Ocean LogisticsRelease time:2022.11.08

As can be seen from the name of the freight forwarder company, the main responsibility of this type of company is to accept the entrustment of customers and complete the transportation of goods. In order to ensure the smooth transportation, other links may be involved, and the designed work of these links can also be completed by the freight forwarder company, which can also be seen. Freight forwarding company, for the current trade transportation has a very important influence.

Vast Logistics, is a logistics company focusing on international freight forwarders, freight forwarders perform the duties, also has a very deep understanding. For a freight forwarder company, acting as the client's agent to handle the cargo transportation business, under standard circumstances, the forwarder should order the carrier's bill of lading warehouse in the name of the client, and the carrier should sign the bill of lading in its own name. The bill of lading indicates that the forwarder's agent is the shipper, and the forwarder will deliver the bill of lading to the principal as the proof of the contract of transportation between the client and the carrier.

The freight forwarder, as the agent, is only responsible to the customer for the selection of the carrier and shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay of the goods in transit.

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