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What are the advantages of an import shipping agent?

Publisher:Grand Ocean LogisticsRelease time:2022.11.08

In international logistics transportation, air transport and sea transport are different modes of transport, and the choice of different modes of transport has a great impact on the size of the transport volume and the transport price. So for sea transport, what are the advantages of choosing a sea transport agent?

1. Be able to master the business of transporting sensitive materials. Import shipping agents have specific rules and judgments on the import and export of different commodities. On the basis of the development and progress of Chinese freight forwarders, import shipping not only optimizes the import and export services of general logistics business in the ocean, but also improves the more reliable service equipment of solid commodities such as sensitive commodities, which can make full transport preparation for sensitive commodities in advance.

2. Professional and scientific business processing ability. Maritime transportation for enterprises to produce products in the process of transportation increased transport security. When dealing with import and export business, low cost small enterprises can help enterprises to investigate the quality of transportation mode and route, to ensure the reliability of import and export transportation.

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