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What are the basic requirements of air transportation?

Publisher:Grand Ocean LogisticsRelease time:2022.11.08

Air transportation is one of the important ways of international logistics transportation. For many goods transportation, the choice of air transportation is an important way to ensure the rapid arrival of the destination and the overall quality of the goods.

For air transportation, the following basic requirements should be paid attention to in the process of transportation:

The basic requirements of general goods packaging, the packaging of goods should be firm and complete, to prevent the packaging in the process of transportation to break; Prevent the goods from stacking, friction, impact or pressure, temperature changes due to damage or deterioration. The packing of the goods should not only be suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, but also be convenient for handling, loading and unloading and placing. The outer surface of the packing should not have protruding nails, hooks, thorns, etc. The packing should be clean, dry, free of odor and oil stains.

Special goods packing requirements, such as liquid goods, the container inside must have 5-10% clearance, the lid must be flat, no leakage. The capacity of each container shall not exceed 500 ml, and the gross weight of a single piece shall not exceed 25 kg. The box should be filled with MATS and absorbent materials to prevent shaking or liquid leakage.

Powder goods, if packed in bags, should be wrapped in plastic film textile bags to ensure that the powder does not leak. The gross weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 50kg. If packed in a paper bucket, the barrel body should not break, the seam is tight, and the lid is sealed.

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